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I took the time yesterday evening to go to a pub in Holborn for a Theology-on-Tap session. It’s a program for young adults apparently arranged by the Jesuits, the format was simple enough some socializing, a talk, a break to get more beer, group discussions and a short general discussion. The theme for this Thursday was Catholic schools, more specifically the state sponsored ones. These schools get around 90% of their funding from various government sources and as far as I understood they make up the vast majority of Catholic schools. The speaker for the evening was the father provincial of the Jesuits in the UK, a former headmaster at the society’s school in Wimbledon. He presented us with the arguments raised against faith schools most of which -aside from parental choice of schools- correlate with the arguments around the role of religion in society. His colleague then proceeded to refute them. This presentation left a bit to desire e.g. the role and purpose of faith schools while it -apparently only for me- raised some concerns about the ideas about multiculturalism, interfaith collaboration and therefore the relativism inherent in the present system.

At the group discussion we were presented with a number of points for discussion out of which my group only got to no 1, whether or not it’s legitimate for the state to fund schools that are more or less exclusively tied to a particular religion. I think I was the only one who said that it’s not only legitimate but even a duty for the state to do so. Even without relating the discussion to the infallible judgments in Quanta Cura, parental control of the child’s education would require the state to support schools of this type.

It was an interesting evening and an educational foray into modernist territory, that otherwise well educated Catholics can come up with and support such liberalist and releativist attitudes as those I heard baffles me. If I am not busy it would be interesting to see what they have to say on the next occasion when the subject is the Eucharist.


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