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I just got back from the Paris to Chartres pilgrimage on Tuesday evening, complete with French Royalist propaganda and sore feet.

The sun shone down on us mercilessly throughout the pilgrimage, I got away with some minor sunburns on my arms. The whole event was very impressive and for three days or so one could almoust forget about all the problems in the Church today, there was nothing but full, traditional Catholicism as far as anyone could see. Granted, proper posture and dress sense is lacking among some of the younger pilgrims but perhaps one can be charitable and assume that the kid who was sleeping his way through the final Mass was suffering from heat exhaustion. I must admit that I too dozed off during the homily outside the cathedral in Chartres, not knowing french it simply wasn’t engaging at all.

All in all it was a hot, grueling, exhausting and lovely little stroll.

Pictures and more when available.


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I’m heading of to France on a late booking today to walk from Paris to Chartres on the much publicized trad pilgrimage. It’s my first time on this particular pilgrimage route and I can only hope that what practice I did and my experience of the Camino de Santiago will keep my feet from giving up, city life does make one rather comfortable. More on the pilgrimage after I return.

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