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I have been pleasantly surprised by the Carmelites recently. Coming in to their priory on Kensington Church Street one day a bit late for Mass, what do I see but people receiving communion, kneeling at an altar rail. Further study showed quite a lot of them receiving on the tongue. This of course doesn’t make the place a perfect parish in itself, there were still so many of the NO goings on that a you’d need a bit more than a stick if you’d want to shake something at them. That, obviously because we are still talking about a NO Mass..


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Getting to a daily Mass is harder than what one might think. Especially so if you want to go only to the classical form of the Mass. There simply doesn’t seem to be any around that fit into my commuting times, they are either a bit too late in the morning or then too early in the afternoon for me to be able to get to them.

What then of the NO options? There too the Mass times mostly keep outside the hours that would be suitable. Of the churches around where I live and work only two seem to have Mass times that are suitable for daily attendance, both unfortunately NO. (Curiously both happen to be priories, one Carmelite on my way to work and one Dominican a short buss ride from the office.) Every now and then the LMS throws a Mass far away in the city which one might be able to get to every now and then.

So are NO Masses the answer if one wants to go to a daily Mass? I’m not happy about the idea but I don’t see very much else around.

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